Are You a Smoker?

United States
January 8, 2011 3:56am CST
Do you smoke? Did you used to smoke? My mother smokes and she needs help quitting. She has been trying for several years, but she has been smoking since she was a teenager in the 70s. She's tried cold turkey several times and it's really not working out for her. She's allergic to most medication (most of our family is) so a lot of the drugs out there like Wellbutrin and Chantix make her deathly ill. I thought about this topic because I just saw an ad on here for e-cigarettes. Do those work? I had a friend who used e-cigarettes and was doing really well on that program, was tapering down and all but then the battery died in the e-cigarette and he started smoking again. What are your suggestions?
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• China
8 Jan 11
frankly,I don't like the smell of smoking!It's harmful for our healthy!my farther do smoking before but he quit it now!you know waht it's hard for someone to quit something they like!maybe candies will work!so you can buy your mother some delicious candies when she want to smok!it works for my grandpa! good luck!