@buli23 (550)
January 8, 2011 5:58am CST
I think most of the people of this world suffering from the diabetes. If the sugar level in our blood increase then there is change of diabetes. Now it is a big challenge to all the people of this world that how we can control this disease. I think it is a key disease which can call all the disease in our body. High blood sugar can damage our kidney, heard etc. Some people use insulin to control the diabetes. It is very pathetic for diabetic patients that some times doctor could not bale to do urgent operation due to high blood sugar at first they had to control the sugar then they do the any kind of operation. Some people died in diabetes. I think this diabetes spreading rapidly due to changes on our life style. We always avoid hard physical work and similarly give chance to diabetes. We always try to live in a sophisticated way. We do not like to walk. We also change our nature of food , now we are always like to take fast food which is one of the most important cause of diabetes. So if we not able to change our behavior we can not control this disease.
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@gelayagui98 (1337)
• Australia
23 Mar 11
Actually, diabetes is the name given to a group of disorders that cause the body to have trouble regulating blood sugar (blood glucose) levels. While there is still no "cure" for diabetes, there have been major advances in treatment. Today, the disease can be managed effectively, allowing a person to stay healthier and live active lives.
• India
20 Mar 11
Buli Diabetes is now a very common disease, many persons are effected, it comes from herdity mostly, i think so, my dad had diabetes and i have it, so my kids might have it lol it is certainly a killer disease, slow killer.. Thanks for sharing Cheers. God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. .
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
9 Mar 11
Yes this is becoming so common these days, it is due to polluted food, polluted air and our changed eating habits, less activity, easy going life etc we must be careful, i have diabetes, my husband too has, we are undergoing treatment for this lol thanks for this discussion.. happy posting cheers kalyani