Who is your favorite Cartoon character & how does it affect your personal being?

Patrick - Patrick is one of the best friends of Spongebob.
@rexrevol (328)
January 8, 2011 7:27am CST
I like Patrick, Spongebob's best friend. I like the way he handles things. Such a jolly-good-fellow. He may be so st'pid at times or make silly jokes or laughs at anything...I still like him. He is the perfect example of haveing a healthy spirit within. I may be wrong but that's the way I see him. In the real world...it's so cruel. But when I remember Patrick's smiling face...then I'm glad again....Ahehehe. He's one of the many thoughts that pops-out of my mind whenever I needed comfort. How 'bout you?
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• Philippines
10 Feb 11
I love spongebob..he is so cute...he is so funny that will help to relieve our frowns and sadness that we bring..he is so extraordinary than the other cartoon character..even if some people might say that his words are nonsense, but still we can get some lessons that we can apply to our daily living..we can be happy if we think of spongebob..he is so marvelous and great.. i can relate myself to spongebob in the sense that, my friends called me a hyperactive and always wear a laugh at my face..i talked a lot sometimes, i manifested all the conversations but for having me in their lives makes it different..ehhehhe...ahm i can make them happy and smile.. maybe spongebo and i were long lost FRIENDS....
@rexrevol (328)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Ahehehe...Patrick's best friend... Such funny guys they really are! We could be best friends too, you know. Ahehehe... Just stay happy and keep smiling! The world is better when we smile! (^_^)
• Singapore
8 Jan 11
I like Homer Simpson... from The Simpsons... My favourite Television show is The Simpsons and whenever im feeling a little down or bored i will turn on the tele and watch it =D.
@rexrevol (328)
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
Yeah. It's nice to watch cartoons at times especially when you feel bored. And I like them too...the whole Simpsons Family. Funny they really are. ^_^
14 Mar 16
My favorite cartoon is Spongebob, through the character of naive and full of silly ways to solve the problem has affected my funny behavior when boredom comes.