nail polish....for how many days???

@asliah (11148)
January 8, 2011 8:06pm CST
i was at beauty salon last night for pedicure, and they told me that the ideal or standard long day for keeping nail polish is 1 week to weeks only,and if will exceeded it on that days,it will damage your nail,or it will make your nails fragile. is it true? how long you keep nail polish in your nails?
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@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
17 Aug 11
i keep nail polish on for as long as it will stay on lol...which is usually only about a week. maybe less
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
20 Jan 11
I try to have my pedicures done professionally every 2 weeks but sometimes it goes beyond that. A month will be the longest but i try to take of the nail polish once it doesn't look good on the nails anymore about two weeks. Reading most of the responses i now learned that it's not really good to have nail polish on your nails for too long. I think i will be going to the salon later to have my pedicures done then for i haven't been visited by my manicurist for a bit sometime now.
@vicereine (458)
• United States
12 Jan 11
Honestly I have gone about a month with one nail color on and I have really long and strong nails. Maybe she is right though it might cause some type of damage but the only thing I usually see after having polish on for that long is that it leaves a bit of a stain on my nails which takes a few days to wear off as I wash up. That is the only thing that happens though I don't really feel my nails weak or breaking if I wear polish that long.
@Suggar (3612)
• Bulgaria
10 Jan 11
I know from my experience that when i do my nails, doesn't matter what kind of polish i use (expensive or cheap), the quality of the polish won't be the same in 3-4 days. I just do too much home work - cleaning, washing, cooking... That ruins the lightness of the polish for sure. That's why i use uncolored polish usually. It doesn't look bad, because it's invisible polish.
@Lisander (273)
• Armenia
9 Jan 11
I am doing my nails every sunday, maybe they are worse that they could have been, but it's hard to say. But sometimes when i chose a colour for a specific outfit i do them more often, not in salon but at home. I guess whatever damage is done is already done. And sometimes it's hard to keep with a work at home. They get washed and you apply them again( I guess it's bad for nails.
@chowee (517)
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
i think the best way to preserve your nails from the damage, is to avoid applying with any nail polish especially acetone. Proper cutting of nails and brushing will make your nails healthy and beautiful..
@PDBME2 (1023)
• United States
9 Jan 11
I have gone to our local salon and when they put the polish on it seems to last a long time. I am amazed at how nice they come out that I don't even want to touch the way it looks. I don't think it will cause any damage other than maybe discoloring your nail some from the polish.
@arunmails (3013)
• India
9 Jan 11
I am a male, but though I used to apply nail polish only for my thumb. I was using nail polish for years together. I had noted that nail polish stays in my finger for about a week(just 7 days or lesser than that). It is not staying more than that.