Life is hard, but do we have to rough?

@gengeni (3308)
January 8, 2011 9:41pm CST
As we all know that in life we must strive to achieve goals / objectives that we want, and in our business it is sometimes not always run smoothly because many obstacles and problems especially if it is tangent to the interests of others .. this is where the problem is, how can we compete with healthy?
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• Indonesia
19 Jan 11
Depending on each person's heart. There are people who glorify fair play, but there are also who do not. maybe you like a healthy competition, but your competitors do not necessarily think the same. highlight is the tactics. how far you can take advantage of the situation without any aggrieved party (win2 solution) in the end. org intersect with the interests that are common, so there are familiar with the term negotiation. aim to equate the interests. or at least, not mutually detrimental to the interests of others. Today's something illegal can become legal by exploiting gaps in our legal system. and as human nature, survival instincts and awareness can help us to overcome them. so you must know, when to 'strike' and when to 'hold'. if you're dealing with people who slyly, then you should be more vigilant and try to win with a good way of course. would be great if you can make your opponent change the nature of repentance and cunning.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
16 Jan 11
that's if you look at the issue from the human angle but look from this result which is absolutely the Almighty is okay to play rough man to achieve something, but you do not forget if you have the confidence of your prayer will be a good goal there is not any human can reply inhibitory, if you specify a distinguished authority to grant your goals, so stay optimistic ok.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
hi, what ever hard it is, i will never have to be rough, this is life and full of obstacles and problems, i just pray and hoping that i can do it.
• Indonesia
11 Jan 11
Currently, many employers are complaining that business is increasingly difficult,so more and more competitors are increasingly thin profit margins,which is the fruit resulting from a price war and bring down each other fellow business people, who benefited in this regard?of course, consumer, entrepreneur yes bruised.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 11
compete with how healthy a person is rarely used by most of what I experienced in the business world there is no healthy competition
@pit33pit (534)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 11
none of affairs in this life that is always running as you wish, we just have to try hard in accordance with the rules then pray and wait for the results.