Simbang Gabi with someone

January 8, 2011 10:34pm CST
I am not a very religious person, but when I was 18, I started attending the Simbang Gabi with my family. Though at first I didn't liked waking up early morning, I soon got used to it. They say that when you are able to complete the Simbang Gabi, your wish will be granted. But I never wished for anything during the days I prayed in the church. It just makes me feel complete, it makes me realize a lot of things, what were the things happened to my life, how i resolved these problems, what am i now as a daughter and other stuffs that pops out my mind. Since 2005, I have been praying alone, but last 2010, someone was able to help me complete the Simbang Gabi. And it makes me feel happy because he's not really into a religious-human-being, he even hates to go to any church, I was able to convince him and make him pray with me. It's just a different feeling. Maybe other mylotters would not know about this Simbang Gabi thing, but my religion as Catholic and with other people reading this having different religion as mine, I guess it makes someone happy and makes you feel strong when you pray with them especially if you love each other, coz just like the saying goes "the family that prays together, stays together". Have you ever completed the Simbang Gabi or any other novena?
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