Is it not high time mylot paid through Alertpay as well?

January 9, 2011 1:39am CST
Hello mylotters I have been a member of mylot and I enjoy being here. Many times I login and just surf the site and read discussions though I don't post very often. I do get to know many of you and to learn many things. I am sure this is the case for almost all mylotters. Though money is not my primary reason to be at mylot, I guess everyone would like to be receive the money earned. In my case, I can earn but I cannot be paid since mylot only pays through paypal and in my country paypal does not allow withdrawal. But Alertpay does. So, I was thinking if mylot could also pay through Alertpay, many mylotters who cannot be paid will get their earnings and anyone would agree this will definitely encourage us to be even more active at mylot. How many of you are in the same as me and would you like that mylot starts paying through Alertpay as well. Thanks PS: I just hope I have not violated any mylot reguations with this post. If yes, I apologise and accept that it be deleted for the interest of mylot and mylotters.
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@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 11
Yes, I agree too. It would be fantastic if mylot uses Alertpay as well. I have been using alertpay and I think they are just as reliable in funds transfer. I wonder if anyone wrote and suggest this to mylot. Perhaps if there are a considerable number of members proposing, mylot might consider.
• Mauritius
10 Jan 11
thanks. do you think we should write to mylot or they will get the message from the discussion? And how to involve more mylotters in this discussion?