craigslist, full of scam stuff

United States
January 9, 2011 5:10pm CST
From a conversation with a friend online, he told about his girlfriend tried to apply a job on craiglist job listing. She was a practice nurse, and there is an ad needs a daycare person who look after a disabled lady. They want to send her a check to help her purchase all these equipments like wheelchair, and other medical equipment. When he try to call this number to talk to that person, it is only a voice message, and ask him to leave message after the tone. That is really skeptical isn't it? Although they got all these information up there, but only thing is that why would they want to send his girlfriend a check first, and under her name to purchase those equipments? It just not make any sense. So, if you also looking for jobs or anything like that, beware on craigslist!
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