January 10, 2011 4:18am CST
Pollution is one of the most serious problems that we have to face. It includes air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and so on. So what can we do to reduce the pollution?
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• United Kingdom
10 Jan 11
This is a really difficult area to try and conquer! Pollution is definitely a real problem and I guess if we each play our individual part then at least we don't have to feel guilty about not looking after out planet. I think it's the governments of the world though that need to heed advice and play their part in a big way. If the government doesn't take any positive action then there's no way that we can tackle the pollution problem. I personally love to cycle on a regular basis and I don't know how to drive so I suppose I am playing my part however small. I also reuse plastic bags when I am buying my groceries. It's not much but at least I am doing something. If everyone does something however small then it all adds up in my view. I love planet Earth and we should really do all we can to look after her! Andrew
@krieyszel (330)
• Philippines
10 Jan 11
We, the people are the first and one who makes a pollution.We are the one created a very serious problem and we also in the end will suffer from it.We can reduce it by our will and self-discipline.We should avoid this make a these pollution but no matter we will avoid it we can't because we need to do our daily task and living.Air pollution,we can't able to reduce it because we have factories and that black smoke will cause air pollution and global warming.But what should we go,we need factories to have works and we could benefits from it.But the disadvantage is more bigger. That's the thing it hard to reduce because we are now living in a modern lifestyle and the simple way of living centuries ago does not exist anymore. Second the water pollution,the rivers and see gets very dirty.The people living near in the river or sea they used i as their garbage and toilet.All their human waste and garbage waste has been thrown there.It kills the lives of fishes and smell so odor.They doesn't care what would be the outcome of their bad deeds when the natures will revenge.They just cry and regret,but they doesn't learned they keep doing their daily deeds. They don't have a out look and self discipline.