Are you afraid of dying?

January 10, 2011 7:29am CST
My friend's grandmother just died. I remembered when my grandmother left us. It seems like a relief both for my grandmother and our family because it pains us seeing her suffer. We cannot help her feel better and it somehow made us feel bad. I look at death as a natural occurrence now and somehow a relief from a difficult life. I no longer fear death but what I don't like is the pain associated with death. I met an accident and I was invalid for three months because I cannot move much because of the fracture. This accident helped me realize the value of mobility. Death help me realize the value of life. The pain helped me realize to cherish moments when I feel well and celebrate life.
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10 Jan 11
I think the greatest worry is to not have done your bit to be productive and meaningful in your life; in that sense the worst thing is to look back and say you never tried and never tried to carve out opportunities. I guess dying young is much more frightening especially if you're the kind of person who values every day and wants to accomplish so much
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