I Married An Arab...so what??!!

United States
January 10, 2011 7:53pm CST
It amazes me how many times a person asks me, "Did he pay you?" No a man could pay me enough to get married, what kind of question IS that, of course he didn't pay me!! It's just so sad how after September 11th and all the rest of these terrible terroist attacks all muslim arabs are grouped into the horrible category of Terroist. I find that people who may say they're not racist are keeping one eye open during a red-eye flight if they're seated next to someone in a turban or a dot on their head. WAKE UP PEOPLE everyday there are crazy things happening right here in America!! There are gangs, serial killers and child molestors lurking all over disguised as your friendly next-door neighbor. Al-queda hasn't just attacked US as some may believe you just have to do a little research and you'll find countries in the Middle East have also been attacked from the radical group.So please all I ask is keep an open mind, I'm not saying keep your guard down and trust everyone so you don't seem racist, just don't automatically assume "terroist" when you see someone that looks different than you. So yes, I married an arab...so what?!
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