Nexia The Kingdom Of The Winds

November 18, 2006 7:24pm CST
Hi all, i make this discussion special for Nexia The Kingdom Of The Winds in Indonesia. Why i make this discussion? Because most of my friends still miss this game. Too many memorial i can`t forget in this game. I don`t care about the gameplay. I realize that, this game just 2D, but i don`t know why i love this game. Even, when i asked my friends to try this game, they said "what?nexia?the game which have gameplay just 2d? hahaha.. like nintendo.." I tried to play with another online games in Indonesia, but i felt bored. I must say thank you very much to Mr.Istanto because he has tried to make offline version of Nexia The Kingdom Of The Winds. I know, he work very hard to make offline version. I hope Mr.Istanto can do the best. Cek his website Ok.. i`ll introduce my nick in Nexia Nick : ObEd job : Mage/Sulsa Hp/Mp : 25k/20k