music-hip hop negativity,really?

January 11, 2011 5:12am CST
sometimes im just intrigued by the amount of criticism that hip hop gets from reviews.but where i come from in Kenya it is one of the most basic sources for expressions.what do you guys think, is it that negative?
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14 Jan 11
off course no! i like hip hop music. i love them. from hip hop music , you can see creativity from the singer
• Kenya
14 Jan 11
i like all your posts.i prefer the lost school type of hip hop because of the depth thatwas put in you guys know that pharcyde were the most creative members in the game and that eminem is a pioneer for double syllable rap.i love hip hop for real.
• United States
13 Jan 11
I think they need a new mascot. I think every song in a album get criticized.
@zenkey23 (418)
• Philippines
11 Jan 11
no! for me hip hop is not bad because it is a way of showing someones expressions through dancing and rapping and even fashioning. By doing all of those a person can feel relieved and be happy. But as we can all see. NO OFFENSE but sometimes hip-hop is the source of BRUTALITY and DANGERS. because of there Fraternities and other thingies. BUt SOMETIMES only because i know some HIP-HOP`s out there is good :)