Why do students cheat?

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 11, 2011 5:39am CST
This is true, many students had made cheating as their hobby. They cheat in every way they can. They cheat not only in their studies but in every thing they are engaged to. They cheat in games online, in internet, in shopping, in relationship. Is this something had to do with the environment they're in and they're an easy prey to cheating?
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@cheravs (620)
• Philippines
11 Jan 11
I don't know but I think it is about the laziness. If a certain is lazy he opt to find easy way to accomplish something in an easy way. But it is not rewarding i guess for some of them.
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• Philippines
18 Jan 11
Cheating gives a cheater a sense of power - power that makes cheater think that they can get away with something without being punished. That is the reason why a cheater can apply his unfortunate skill on many and different avenues. I believe cheating is something that should be corrected by the family, especially the parents or guardians when rearing a child. Environment also plays a role. A competitive atmosphere is most likely force a person to cheat to gain advantage and 'level' the playing field among other participants.
• Philippines
17 Jan 11
Well i guess they only cheat to pass the exams. Well sometimes we have to do something to survive in this case they need to do something to pass so badly although some are just plain irresponsible and didn't review at all because he will just cheat on the day of the exam anyways.
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
15 Jan 11
Indeed many of the people/student do cheats. Its the easier way to avoid reviews and memorizing. Many students nowadays prefer to take the easier path rather than using the long method. I can say it also involve the environment and people influenced around that person.
• United States
11 Jan 11
It is because they do not want to put forth effort to truly learn and or go up against challenges. The old phrase cheaters never win - is true as how would they survive given a life task.
@Liliac26 (558)
• Romania
11 Jan 11
Maybe fear of failure has something to do with it. Some students might be pressured by their parents to do well, but feel that they can't live up to the expectations by their own efforts. Or they just go for the easy way to success. I have to admit that I cheated once or twice in college, but my reason was that I hated the subjects in question so much that studying for them seemed a waste of my time. I now believe I was wrong (learning is never a waste of time).
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
11 Jan 11
Students are given too loads of opportunities for cheating in school. When a curriculum is centered on right and wrong answers, and memorizing information in order to "pass the tests," it puts students in a much pressured position. Students need to be offer with student centered instruction where they are actively engaged in what they are doing.