laptop replacing notebooks and book

@EdnaReyes (2628)
January 11, 2011 6:04am CST
Today, I seldom see students carrying printed books and instead are carrying laptops.They have gone tired of having notepads and just saved all their notes in their laptop.I wonder why if they are still students who write down notes in a lecture instead of downloading it in their laptop. Are you one of them and laptop had replaced your notepad and books?
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@r4v3n_ (178)
• United States
12 Jan 11
I'm not yet one of them because i enjoy writing notes on my notebook rather than typing it on my laptop. I also enjoy making my writing more presentable that anyone borrow my notes won't get a hard time in figuring out what does my writing symbols means. I feel so great when somebody praise my great artwork or handwriting. :)
• China
12 Jan 11
Never will I think laptop will replace notepad and books in the future unless there is not enough tree to support the paper for books. I have to admit that laptops do help a lot in our study and bring us a lot of convenience, but if we can not control it, we may hooked in the Internet rather than really use it as a tool for study. Also it is totally different felling to see materials on the laptops and books. I find myself can not concertrate as much with a laptop as a book. So I do thnk boks will always be the major part in study.
@lazette (216)
• Philippines
11 Jan 11
No, I have trouble reading notes on a PC. It's just difficult for me. I use the laptop/PC mainly for works that need to be printed out, or projects. But I definitely haven't abandoned my notes. In fact, using notebooks is the most effective way of studying for me, as writing things down makes me remember and understand them better. In our school, laptops and such aren't really that important, only for our thesis work. Sure, everyone in the Computer Science department has laptops, but those in the Arts and Sciences departments seldom use them.