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@terryt52 (245)
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January 11, 2011 5:24pm CST
I was just reading where the parents of the Arizona shooting suspect are asking themselves where they went wrong. I am not heartless when it comes to people with special needs. But why are the parents questioning where they went wrong. The Dad was a stay at home Dad. There was a lot of warning signs. No one did a thing and that includes teacher, police and the authorities. He did not just get up one morning and decide to shoot a bunch of people. He had problems time and time again. He was 22 years living at home the parents had to of heard and seen a lot. I am sorry but because some one has issues we have people who are dead and some fighting for their lives. I think that this should be a lesson for all parents you are not helping your child by hiding his problems. It is your job to protect your children and to protect people from your child if you think he is a danger. This makes me so upset reading and listening to all the people who have encountered his actions and nothing was done what is the matter with this world. Makes you wonder how many people in our every day lives that are really a danger to society. I know in the state where I live people with issues are in society and it is all privatized and no one really watches them. They are just running around and they could infact be a danger to us all. I do not have an answer to this problem but I have some ideas. We really should try and solve some of this problem. I am just saddened by all of this and the parents are asking where they went wrong
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@KrauseHome (35517)
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12 Jan 11
Well personally it makes me wonder too how his parents could not have been aware of some of the things going on here, and how they did not know some of the things their son was going thru leading up to this event. Personally I think there will be a lot more coming out in the next couple of days and months about what really led up to this, and to see what type of home life he really came from. But from someone who grew up in a dissociative abusive childhood background I see how retaliation even if your family thinks everything is always OK can happen. Ok he was 22, and living at home. In today's society that happens more due to the lack of jobs, etc. but to think he also had No real friends, etc. should have been a key to something being a miss as well. Personally I think we got a lost little boy looking for Love and attention from someone or someone due to someone being too busy to want to pay attention to him at home.