KKR has taken right decision not to take GANGULY in their team..?

@siliguri (4224)
January 12, 2011 3:28am CST
Hi friends as we know in this IPL Auction KKR and other team ignore the ganguly. We know ganguly was the team member of KKR in previous IPL and this time they haven't taken the sourav..so my question is that KKR have taken a good decision for their team not to take sourav in their team this year..?
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@venkit (2957)
• India
14 Jan 11
no, i think have taken a wrong decision, on ganguly. they have could have avoided him from the team by making him, some post like, batting coach, or team advisor, or some thing like that. ganguly is the bengal tiger, and he should be part of the bengal team(KKR). Thats what i feel. this will make a big impact by minimising the no: of fans for KKR.
@srijshm (1165)
• India
13 Jan 11
It is obvious that SRK has lost a lost of money in the First IPL season & he has responded by changing the entire team & coach too. Gangully might have been good for non cricketing reasons like getting local crowd support. It is also true that gangully has kept himself in the upper price bracket. Why blame Shahrukh. Even Mallya dis not retain his performing Captain & no other team bid for Dada too. It seems that there was a fear that if Dada did not play well in first few matches, even keeping him in the benches would have created unwanted scenarios within the team. I think SRK has all the right to decide , how he spends his money. IPL has anyway lost all regional fervors. Dhoni for chennai, Dravid for Rajasthan, Lakshman for Kochi , Yuvi for .....etc etc.
• India
12 Jan 11
yes i think KKr made a right decision not to take dada as he is well past his prime, and has lost hte aggression that he had before. so its better not to waste millions a single person when there are other more worthy players for the same money.SO dada, take a seat in the stands and enjoy IPL-4!!!
@zenkey23 (418)
• Philippines
12 Jan 11
I think its a yes! thay have made a good decision. its because they just want to win and maybe they think that sourav will be an nuisance to their success.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
12 Jan 11
Hi, This is the priority of the owner of the team and their experts who to pick up and who to drop. The last two sessions of Ipl did the worst prize for they went on losing and losing and even Saurav himself not in good touch. A lots of mismanagement too robbed them off. And hence keeping DADA as an spectators they thought would be good for him now.