The project almost freaks me out

January 12, 2011 8:04am CST
I began to involve in one project last year. We have three people in the team, including project leader. When we almost finished the PhaseI task which cost me a lot of time and work, the project was stopped by the upper management. And then, we had to move on to another project with the same people. The work itself wouldn't kill me. But I'm not satified with the team leader. Though he is a smart guy, he is not good at organizing and arranging things of the project, because he is a bit lazy and doesn't involved in the project too, which results in his unfamiliar with the project. When I show my initiative to follow the progress in the project, he then put all the project work to me. And for his unfamiliar with the project, it always cost a lot of time to discuss and review the project with him, which makes me very tired after each discussion. This is not the point, the point is that the project is therefore progressing very slowly. I don't want to see that. Because I'm part time for this project, I have my routine job, too. I hope the project will end soon then I can focus on my routine job. But there seems to be no bright future for this project, not only because the difficulty of project itself, but also the leader. The current project almost freaks me out. How can I do with it. And another guy in the team almost do nothing in the project. He claims he is busy with his own routine work. And leader has no opinion on it.
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