January 13, 2011 8:18am CST
i have signup with and doing work daily. its a amazon company site. does anyone have used this site, paid by this site plz submit your experience with this site
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@nishant5n (1067)
• India
13 Jan 11
Hi, as far as I have heard it is a good company. They pay you whenever you reach the minimum payout limit. There you have to accept the hits and complete the task and you will earn the money. Moreover you can be paid bonus for your work, if it is done good enough. Two out of ten people would say that this site is a scam, like they would trash your account. Till now what I know is that this is a genuine site and pays you when you work for it. However, I suggest that you make an informed decision.
• India
6 Jun 11
Hello Nishant friend where r u since long time you are not responding on my discussion you are in mylot or busy in your work ok. Thanks to say mturk is a legit and good company. Yes friend this genuine site but if the requester will do the complaint if we are not work of their task is properly again and again returning of job then account may be deleted. I received one cheque from this site.
@jalucia (1435)
• United States
13 Jan 11
I worked for this site for years. The thing with this site is that they will suspend your account for no reason. And, when you ask them for a reason, they won't give you one. If you do a search for reviews on this site you will see that they do this a lot. The biggest problem with them randomly suspending your account is that, once they do this, you won't be able to get any money that they owe you. If you really want to work for them your best bet is to withdraw your earnings as often as you can, as soon as you reach the payout minimum. So, if they suspend your account, this will minimize the amount of money that you lose.
• India
6 Jun 11
Ohhhh no rebeccajean friend so sad really horrible. $3000 how much but why you are not withdrawal after 100 dollar or 200 dollar I am always withdrawal only $30 in a month. But unfortunately some days before my account is also deleted and the msg received requester deleted your account. I lost my $13 I was also upset for some days because this small amount is important for me. But lots of people are earning very good in this site. Even my cousion earning is $100 per month. This is legit site.
• Mumbai, India
27 Mar 11
I know a lot of people who earned quite decently through Mturk. Being a site of Amazon company it can be trusted and is quite reliable. I tried to work for Mturk but could not find any task suitable to work for a month or so and from then I never looked back to Mturk. I don't know how my fellow friends earned 500-700$ a month there. The site is good indeed, no doubts about it :).
@baressi43 (458)
• Romania
10 Feb 11
I have an account in this program but I no work very much because I no find more jobs available for my country.But if I will work more time for this program, I think that I earn much money.Good luck for all users this mturk program.
• India
5 Feb 11
Mturk is a marketplace where you can earn by completing HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Indian members can also request the amount through check. However, there is a $4 processing fee. They will suspend the account without any prior notice. I got paid $95 through check but they have suspended my account. So, it's better to cashout the money when you reach the minimum amount.