@buli23 (550)
January 13, 2011 12:39pm CST
From the very beginning of my life I like photography. At the earlier stage of my like I had not camera so my interest about photography was console. When I was the students of B.Sc. (Hons.) 2nd year I had to attend educational tour from our college and camera was compulsory for that tour for every students. That time my father was compel to buy a camera for me. I joined the tour and take some photographs of vegetation of Northern India and my all the photo were highly discussed by all the teachers of our college when it was paste on our notice board and I start photography from that time. still I try to capture the different scene when I get time.
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@rushian09 (139)
• Philippines
14 Jan 11
Yeah, me too I love to get photos of nature, people, things, etc. But if you don't have your own camera, you can't do this things.
@Trav135 (25)
• Cambodia
13 Jan 11
Like you all my life I like photography - My Father was into Photography as well so it was a passion we both shared. I have continued to take photos all my life. It is the taking of them that I love. I don't need them for memories my head is for that. It is more the joy of seeing a scene or moment in time & capturing it like I have imagined. I used to use big cameras like SLR's but now I get the same pleasure out of small cameras because I can always have them with me. I also like the fact that people are more natural when you use a small camera or even a mobile phone camera. My Love of small cameras started with film - but I have now moved towards digital for the convenience of the media. I travel lots so having unlimited media & not having to carry film is a great advantage. You say when you have time - you always have time if you use a small camera or your mobile - don't feel that you need a big camera to get great shots. In fact due to always having your camera with you you will get many more great shots because the camera will be with at that moment you see the scene you want to record. Photography is fun & art in my opinion - even if no one else ever sees the results the pleasure you get will be great - I hope you enjoy your photography as much as I do :-)