Everyone mentions Neobux and Onbux.. Are they really the best..?

January 13, 2011 8:23pm CST
There are so many posts on mylot from people talking or asking questions about Neobux and Onbux. Am I the only one who feels like there are so many ptc sites that are even better that not many people talk about here? Ayuwage is my favorite ptc. You can earn up to 3 cents per ad, and you get so many of them to click! Minimum payout is $5 but they're definitely legit because I have been paid by them! Another site I love is Quickrewards. Does anyone else have any sites they think can compete with neobux & onbux?
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15 Jan 11
does Ayuwage really pays?
• Canada
15 Jan 11
Yes, they've paid me twice.
14 Jan 11
I agree that they are two of the best with so much positive feedback I havent cashed out yet as im teying to build my rented referrals which are working well for me at this time,I have heard of quickrewards or ayuwage but i will take a look and will sign up as a ref for anyone if they can be a ref for me on a site i am on.