Better to exile or surrender to hypocrisy?

January 13, 2011 8:58pm CST
On paper, I want to be a person who without hesitation chose exile rather than surrender to the hypocrisy .... The truth?! OUCH! My friend who took part in anti-corruption demonstrations openly talk to me: "We're just screaming like this, because we do not be in the circle of power, if we already have a position, we can and must be corruption, collusion and nepotism!" It's true. Very easy to shout anti-corruption if we are not in a position holding. Just when we were in their position, what can be that easy ranted and shouted anti-corruption REALLY NOT corrupt? How is this? Is it better to surrender to hypocrisy than exiled? This is no joke! Almost all of my colleagues chose to give in to the hypocrisy! Please remember that talk is easy ... you choose exile? Sure you can live completely alienated until the end of life?
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• Indonesia
15 Jan 11
in my affairs have no right to lie, because I am with them the same same same same man can do no wrong, while the carpenter and heinous acts that they do obviously I do not agree because it acts against God, but as it is known with all the problems will not be missed during the self is still blaming others, and that is what is the beginning of the war. hopefully with this short review can help and hopefully useful for all of us.
@rifnee (1713)
• Indonesia
14 Jan 11
All people have a choice. But the best option is not selected that many many people. But the best option is, the result of mature thinking who, so someone when a choice does not fall into the abyss of regret. If there are two bad choices which we must choose the best of a bad reply. Or choose persisted but did not surrender to hypocrisy.