@buli23 (550)
January 13, 2011 10:07pm CST
Cooking is one of my interesting chapter. I had to stay out of my home due to educational purpose. That is why I had cook myself because I arrange a room in Kolkata on rent and I used to stay singly. I earlier stage I could not able cook any things and I could not able to enjoy the food. That is way my health was breakdown. One day I thought that I it is running like that I would never complete my study properly. So I decide to learnt cooking from my friends mothers. After that every holiday I went to my friends house and start to learnt different types of disk and I use to practice it in my house after returning home. Now I can cook very well and Every body like to eat food which is made by myself.
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
17 Jan 11
Congratulation for being able to cook after all the effort. Yeah it is good to be able to cook ourself. It just not always practical to eat outside. And by learn to cook, we can be adventerous about what we want to eat and cook. Once we finally nail the recipe of the things we always want to cook, we will be proud and satisfied with our effort. Keep on cooking.
• China
15 Jan 11
congratulations for your success in cooking!I do loooove cooking,but I just don't start to learn it!in this winter holiday,I do want to learn it from my mother who do well in cooking!you know,you can't always eat in resturant when you leave home,so I suppose if I can make some delecious food ,I can cook for myself sometimes,it's would be a happy thing!and I do want my family to have a taste in my cooking!have a good day!
@SIMPLYD (80362)
• Philippines
14 Jan 11
So now you know that not every skill is learned thru studying. There are things learned through experience only and one of those is cooking. I too learned how to cook thru others - that other is my husband . LOL You also now know that the greatest praise one could give what you cook is they like it and eat it like hungry wolves. No need for words. LOL