4 hour wait at the doctors

@shaggin (38393)
United States
January 14, 2011 7:53am CST
Yesterday I had an appointment at 12:30 to have an ultrasound done on my bladder and kidneys. I got to the hospital right on time. I went to the 4th floor where the doctors office is and registered. The guy I registered with never told me that I wasent in the correct place. He told me to have a seat. So I waited in the office with my mother and my 3 year old son for an hour. Then I decided to go up and ask if the wait was going to be much longer. That lady told me that I wasent on the right floor. No one ever told me that my ultrasound wasent going to be done where the doctors office was so I sat there for an hour for nothing. I went down to the ultrasound place and they managed to get me in pretty quickly and my ultrasound didnt take very long. It was an 8 hour fasting so I couldnt have anything to eat until after the ultrasound. I hadent eaten dinner the night before because I usually eat a huge lunch and am not hungry enough for dinner. I was shaky and felt like I was going to faint waiting until the ultrasound was over so I could eat. I never got to eat until 2pm which was almost 24 hours without eating. I felt sick after that all day. Then I had to sit around and wait until my doctors appointment at 3 to see what the results were from my ultrasound. I sat in the waiting room and the doctors office waiting a long time to see him. When they checked my blood pressure it was really low. Well yeah after not eating for 24 hours I'm sure thats why I was so faint. I never left the hospital until 4:30pm which was 4 hours after I arrived. My son was so well behaved all day I was so proud of him! Thats hard for a 3 year old to be good away from home with not much to do for 4 hours. We had to stop at wal-mart and pick up some groceries before going home. It was an hour and a half ride home so I didnt get home to pick up my dauhgter from my sisters house until 7:30 which was time to put my daughter to bed. I felt like crying since I didnt get to see her all day yesterday and today I wont see her either because she will be going to her dads house after she gets out of school and he gets out of work.
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