It Overwhelms

January 14, 2011 10:16am CST
If any movie can work you up emotionally, this is it. 'The Gladiator' is a movie that tells you about how one man's ambition can destroy families. That a general can be reduced to a slave and then fight in the Roman coliseum reminds you about Ben-Hur and Spartacus, two other great movies. I enjoyed Gladiator and Russel Crowe's portrayal of Maximus!
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
17 Feb 11
At 40 years after Ben-Hur and Spartacus and 20 after Caligula(movies that we recommend from the heart), Ridley Scott, back to life the roman show... and how yet. Indeed,a Movie that deserves appreciation. Impeccable work of Ridley and his entire team, excellent distribution, and images that have almost reached the perfection of the life of a remarkable screenplay from all points of view, and the results were as. And do not forget that, starring Russell Crowe, successfully secured a part of since the beginning. For his performance in this Movie there are no words, and one would expect from an actor with such a value.
20 Mar 11
I have yet to really see the sadistic movie, Caligula. The Gladiator is a great movie of our times and Russel brought so much emotions to the screen as the embittered victim of Commodus. To me, Ben-Hur continues to be the standard bearer of Roman films and it is near perfect in its delivery for entertainment value. Spartacus is a great forerunner for other gladiator movies to emulate.
@AOmarr (4)
• Canada
14 Feb 11
i think the movie is more about Commodus' greed for power of the roman empire. the old cesar was to declare maximus the new cesar; but power thirsty Commodus' assinates the cesar; knowing the he's next in the heir of power..Maximus' suspects that he has been 'slayed' and decides to get revenege and serve the duty that the old cesar asked of him " give power to the people of rome, and free them of corruption'............
20 Mar 11
I do not know the twist that the movie intends to portray. I also has little belief that Marcus Aurelius will want Maximus the General to become Caesar. Commodus has a right to the throne in spite of his weaknesses.In a way ,you are right-this is more Commodus's story and Maximus and his family are just collateral damage.
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
14 Jan 11
Me too.It's one of my favorite movies about Roman Empire.That scene where he finds his family killed,is so strong.You can only imagine how it feels to lose everything and then find strength to fight your enemy again.Joaquin Phoenix was good as Commodus.Both characters created perfectly.The good and the evil.Did Russel receive an Oscar for it?I don't remember now.I never get bored with this movie.Spartacus and Gladiator,both unforgettable.
20 Mar 11
I do not think Russel won the award. He won it in 'A Beautiful Mind', if I am not wrong. Got to check up on that. Spartacus was the original gladiator movie that is bench marked. Gladiator is devoid of the Christian thing and the love that Spartacus cherished and the unborn child.
@moneymaya (901)
• India
14 Jan 11
Its really a great movie, and I think one of the best movie of such category I have ever seen . really great :-)
20 Mar 11
You can say that again! Brutal as it may be in terms of the graphic violence, the movie tells the story as it should be. Incest, murder and bravado. In a way, the killing of wives and children of an enemy is no different from that being practiced in China. Here, they will not even all ow 'any roots' of a person from surviving.