I have no idea what secondary is.

@joystick (1680)
January 14, 2011 7:18pm CST
When a doctor writes or even says that you have an illness due to secondary drinking or secondary to smoking, are they really trying to say that the reason it is worse is due to you smoking or drinking, or are they saying that our smoking habit is a thing that do not help the problem and is not the reason to why we have the problem or illness.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
19 Jan 11
hi, secondary i think is the absorber, once you be with or near with a person who smoke, and you smell or inhale the smoke from that person, it means you are the secondary person who absorb the smoke.
• Australia
16 Jan 11
They basically mean that the illness is due to blah blah...like lung cancer could be a secondary to smoking which means that smoking caused the lung cancer. Does that make sense?
@syoti20 (5295)
• Philippines
15 Jan 11
When they say secondary in terms of drinking and smoking. You have been contaminated by the original person. Meaning if you were happen to have a seatmate who are smoking and happen to inhale that smoke exhaled by the smoker that what you call second hand smoking.
• United States
15 Jan 11
Secondary smoking is when someone else is doing it, but since he mentioned secondary drinking, I would have to assume that he feels the illness is worse do to your drinking or smoking habit. He's also saying that it doesn't help the situation, because continuing to do it will worsen the illness more. good luck.. it's hard to quit either habit, but it is doable.
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
15 Jan 11
It's fund that there're many people think to like that. So, there are many disease in our life.
• Canada
15 Jan 11
I get the impression that it means the smoking is definitely making the illness worse, but that smoking is a cause of the symptoms in the first place, also. What is the cause of your shortness of breath? Well, secondary to smoking (which causes that) you also have asthma (which may or may not be caused by the smoking itself.)
@celticeagle (119823)
• Boise, Idaho
15 Jan 11
Secondary is just that. It means that it not the major reason for this. That something else is causing this and that these are things are adding to it. That is my take anyway on what information you have given. I would ask the doctor for more clear information. A language or communication break down can cause alot of problems.