What difference does it make the same gorilla Zone Symbian soft updates?

January 15, 2011 11:22am CST
Gorillas actually a shy creature, sensitive, cool, and calm. They also have a system and social rules in the group. cute this species also turned out ... unfortunately almost extinct. let us preserve species of gorilla
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@rifnee (1713)
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26 Jan 11
Answer seriousness ... Gorilla is a real species. Real there, there are men, there is a woman. There is also his mother's father King-kong was only in movies. CGI mother's father, had never met the woman ... two times in the men continued to make movies ...
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25 Jan 11
Gorillas are animals that have a high intelligence. Several investigations showed that the gorilla can communicate using the language of your password. Examples are the gorillas Koko and Michael. Gorillas are shy and social animals. Gorillas usually live in families that consisted of 6 to 7 gorillas. A family consists of the dominant gorilla gorilla (often called 'silverback' gorilla, because the back of the silvery color), two or more female gorillas and the rest of the kids gorilla. If the child is an adult gorillas, they usually go to look for another gorilla family. Every night before bed, gorillas make nests bed consisting of leaves, stems, or grass. Scientists who study gorillas can easily guess the number of family members by counting the number of gorilla nest bed. Gorillas can live to 50 years in zoos. In the wild, gorillas are usually reached after 35 years. Gorillas can perform reproduction at the age of 10-12 years. Female gorillas contain about 8 to 9.5 months and can give birth three gorillas during her life. Gorilla baby can crawl in after about 2 months and can walk in after 9 months (much earlier than human babies). Meanwhile, King Kong is used to name the Great Apes or Monkeys, why not use the Great Ape, Monkey King, Giant Ape, Giant Monkey or the other? According to language experts said King Kong comes from the English and Latin, which means Monkey King, King is the King and Kong (latin) means monkey.
@gengeni (3308)
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24 Jan 11
Gorillas are the largest monkey species living on earth today. Hairy primate creature is only concentrated in mainland Africa. A male gorilla can reach heights 150 to 190 cm when standing. Wide range of hands from right to left to reach 144 cm. In the wild, a gorilla weight around 200 pounds. However, when 'incubate' in the woods, his weight could swell to 270 pounds (size of a sumo player). There are two types (subgenus) gorilla. First, the gorilla who lives in west Africa, the Western Lowland gorilla (gorilla gorilla) and Across the River (gorilla diehli). Second, the gorilla in eastern Africa, namely Eastern gorilla Plain Low (graueri beringei) and the Mountains Beringei (Gorillas beringei). Although a large body and a grim-looking, these gorillas are herbivores or plant-eating entirely. In film2 output of Hollywood these animals are often portrayed as a ferocious beast and attack humans, but in reality gorilla sifat2 very opposite of what is portrayed in Hollywood film2. Gorilla is a very delicate animals and very rarely attack humans unless binatang2 other especially if he felt harassed and threatened ... um .. um .. soft yah?? .. Gorillas actually a shy creature, sensitive, cool, and calm. They also have a system and social rules in the group .. cieh .. cieh .. well now we are talking about KINGKONG soft updates .. KINGKONG soft updates until now there is still a mystery ... but according to Sue Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist from Italy, who stated that the phenomenon of King Kong may have happened in the real world. This, says Lieberman, is based on the facts of evolution gigantic in fauna-fauna that live isolated. ''Although, of course, the result of evolution of animal body size is not as big as King Kong .. he said .. KINGKONG soft updates until now was only in the Hollywood film industry and has been filmed twice at .. director last trilogy of "The Ring", Peter Jackson's re-turn on KINGKONG soft updates in 2005 with his film titles KINGKONG soft updates .. KINGKONG soft updates in the film, described as a species of giant ape .. also known as the giant gorilla .. characteristics similar to the gorilla just great he's got the height to 25 feet .. or yah .. approximately 800 m was almost ..
@nakula2009 (2325)
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15 Jan 11
Gorillas are the largest primates. Gorilla food consists of vegetables, though sometimes also eat insects. Because of that gorillas can be classified as an omnivorous animal. Gorillas come from tropical forests in Africa. DNA is 97-98% identical with human DNA gorilla. Gorillas were second after the chimpanzee species closest to humans. There are two species in the genus gorilla, the eastern gorilla (eastern gorilla) and western gorilla (western gorilla). Compared to the human body form, gorillas have long hands and feet, where the arms longer than legs. Dada big gorilla and most of his body hairless, except for the fingers, face, armpits, soles of the feet and palms. Big gorilla head, small eyes and lightly browned. Gorillas have no tail. Each tail gorilla has a unique nose, like a man who has a unique fingerprint. Adult gorilla teeth numbered 32. Gorilla senses similar to humans. Male gorilla's body is almost twice the size compared to female gorillas. Gorillas eat mostly plants. Every day gorilla takes about 25 kilograms of food that teriri of leaves, flowers-relationship, seeds, stems and stalks of trees, and flower buds. Occasionally, gorillas also eat ants and termites similar. Karean get enough fluids from their food, gorillas are very rarely drink.