what are your thoughts on tekken tag 2

United States
January 15, 2011 4:00pm CST
thoughts on tekken tag 2?
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@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
16 Jan 11
I am very excited about this although I do not have a console for it yet. I am a Tekken player since Tekken 3, although I did get to know the game at Tekken 2, a good one maybe and so I can't wait for this new release and it's cool features and juggles. I watched the trailer and the sample and it was so cool!
• Indonesia
2 Apr 11
yep...and younger heihachi makes me laugh all the time since tekken 5 that characters becomes joke character good thins i heard about tekken tag 2 Jun Kazama (Jin Kazama's mother) will become playable
• Calgary, Alberta
14 Feb 12
I cant5 wait to see Lili's undergarments while she is doing her acrobatic moves. I hope by Tekken 7,Lili is finally of Legal age. Please Namco, if you are listening its about time to make her 18 years old. I already played it. The last Boss is Jun kazama. Yup Jin Kazama's mother is the final boss of this game. she is already in her 40's I think but she still looks young. She transforms into "Unknown"
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
2 Dec 12
Hi! My brother who owns PS3 console recently got Tekken Tag 2 and we are playing and testing it for now to see some main and new features of the game. We didn't try yet the online fighting mode, we just play with other brothers and friends. I have tried the offline arcade mode and customization of some favorite characters. It's interesting how much depth is put in this game. The fighting game-play has double more action with 2 versus 2 mode, and all characters are back from previous Tekken series. There are many stages to choose from, some are coming from Tekken 3. I like the music of some stages, there are fresh techno and trance styles and some are revived from Tekken 2 and 3! The visuals are improved, but still no 1920x1080 screen resolution, it's 1280x720 to keep 60 fps of performance. Overall, the game is worth getting it. :)
@wadabski (764)
• Philippines
4 Apr 11
I heard about this video game but I have never tried playing this. I played the previous versions of Tekken games and it is awesome, Specially the combo moves.