Why the Bible writings of any religion are always referred to by his followers

January 15, 2011 11:03pm CST
Almost all religious people when quoting scripture writings of religion, always said this is the Word of God / God / Gustavo / Sang Hiang (or another name which is seen as the Creator), it turns out, engga all posts in the scriptures it is God's word or words God .. If it's in the Bible it is written, "Thus the word of God" then it can be ascertained as the word of God. But if the story told at length by the Prophet, Apostle, High Priest or what it's called, is it still can be said of the Word of God? Moreover Dalan scriptures that there are many personal greeting or saying of the Prophet, Apostle, High Priest himself. There's even utterances demon / devil. In fact, in certain religious holy book, the author tsb scriptures say, "I advise you." I'm here shows the author is not God's Book
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16 Jan 11
I agree if it is written in a holy book it is considered the word of god/Creator when in fact all the words written are words from man. As far as I know ( and I study a LOT of religions) not one Creator has come down and actually written a code of conduct book or any book at all. All books are written by someone who is feeling Holy, has visions/dreams that lead them to the 'truth' or who in waking life hear the voice of the 'God/Angel telling them what to write. I think that if it is so important that the Creator/Creators of this world feel that they have to come to someone to tell their story and give life advice then maybe they can do it themselves and remove all doubt. I understand having faith but no one has faith unless they know what to have faith about and the only way they know what faith to have is by reading and parents/ other influences. You would think your soul would be important enough for them to make sure no one got it wrong. The bible states loosely quoted all things created by man are flawed/ only God is perfect. Then why is God having a flawed being write the most important book (supposedly) for man kind?? Sorry for rant I feel strongly about religion and its influences