Does the Bible discuss the Tsunami, after the parting of the Red Sea?

January 16, 2011 1:15am CST
Because where possible if Sea parted and closed again until not cause a tidal wave.?., inevitable tidal wave of incredible (Tsunami) .. Because immediately after the procession depicted the prophet Moses et al get away from the red sea parted., immediately shut down .. also the red sea, drown the Egyptian army is stupid ... (although the famous Egyptian smart .., really want them to enter the carriage horses in the ocean which split?, whereas marine highway ..!,,'s not much coral and coral .. jeeps 4x4 with wide tires and suspension modifications are difficult to pass ..) but I do not discuss that .., that I want to know about Tsunami after the event closed red sea ... Tsunami .. if not there, then it is a miracle that not written in holy books .., because if there are tsunamis .., it is more fatal to Moses, et al .., they might still be alive in the hands of Egyptian forces .., but if the taxable .. the tsunami struck, do not exist anymore .. forgiveness, because there area is typical sloping beach .. and the tsunamis that happen dozens of time could be more terrible than Aceh .., how not terrible .., ocean water drained and poured again suddenly
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
27 Jan 11
Later at the end of the end times-not just tsunamis but earthquakes called thunder, cities crumbling, hail falling from the sky, submerged islands, mountains can be lost
@zenkey23 (418)
• Philippines
16 Jan 11
Hello Nakula! I enjoyed reading this! Actually I am reading bible almost every night and i am now on MOISES story chapter. BUt i am not yet finished so i do not know much about the parting of the red sea. So i am very thankful that you have posted a great topic like this! :) HAppy myLotting to you and keep reading BIBLE ^_^! GOD BLESS!