Man, miserable or happy?

@rifnee (1713)
January 16, 2011 11:07am CST
I found the difference between the philosophers in answering that question. This disagreement occurs between the philosophers even before the birth of Jesus. The question was, whether in theory.... humans are suffering? or happy?
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20 Jan 11
Humans generally live like a spinning wheel. Sometimes above sometimes below. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are miserable. In my opinion, people living in the world to fight. struggling or fighting with misery and war with happiness. Warring with the misery that we have to live do not be miserable. And happy is at war with us do not fall asleep with joy the world. Because there is eternal life at the end of our life. That's my opinion
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20 Jan 11
philosophers that nothing is right or wrong, because it is the result of conclusions from observations and personal understanding of life shared with others. that philosophy is a philosophy of life which can not be judged right or wrong. view of life is also influenced by what is observed and reflected upon. limited territory, culture and diversity of life to make another one with a different philosophy. back of human misery or happiness? happy it is feeling happy, peaceful and heart felt smile and so you can describe yourself. and miserable it is the sense that no peace, no smile and a hot heart, sad and so you can also mention his own. human experience miserable and unhappy that some of view of philosophy say it happened in turn like a wheel, some longer see the passion that was born from the mind so that if we can control our thoughts so miserable but happy forever, there is also a view that the passion was born out of human passion so that when passions were turned off and he will find true happiness, there is also a saying that happiness is only found in life understand the purpose of his life and much more philosophical about happiness and misery. if you watch it all right but also wrong. Right on certain people and certain groups of people wrong. Right and wrong are determined by their beliefs and how they view life as a whole. Suppose I describe a family with two children and live in a rented house and only have a motorcycle and can not go anywhere on vacation. Certainly for some people it is called passion, but for some they are called happy. All the assumptions were true and also false, true because it is true according to their philosophy that assesses but wrong because it is the assessment from the outside rather than the assessment of people who go through life. For that person I suppose they feel miserable because he can not buy this and that's what he wanted and they were envious of a neighbor or friend or even a boss who can live more comfortable with more money. A year later I suppose they embraced the new religion and they got the fact that wealth and this and that's what they want is wrong and they changed his view and he no longer felt miserable but happy. So that was happening to humans, miserable or happy to be determined how they put themselves in this world's life philosophy based on the view that they trust. This is not theory but in real life ... all are in the minds and hearts.
@gengeni (3308)
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18 Jan 11
Humans will be miserable if ruled by lust, according to an expert wisdom "whoso lust, he became a prisoner in her desire to love and locked in his guilt and lust that would preclude him from all kinds of utility ". He who watered the earth from members of the body with the pleasures of lust, then he has been planting trees regret his heart. Man will be happy sovereign, when he uses his mind. Verily God created mankind into three kinds. God created the angels, arrange them in mind and do not develop in them the desire. God created animals, develop within the desire, and do not make sense inside, the man better than him. Anyone who minds the desire to beat his passion, he is better than angels.