Why can not create harmony in the lives of the faithful?

@rifnee (1713)
January 16, 2011 11:15am CST
All God's creatures are equal, both living and non-living. There is no creature that is higher than the rest of creation. All creation is whole and separation is an illusion. All have different roles, but like it or not we are a team. This world is like at a concert where the singer voice and various musical instruments combined in a perfect arrangement. All held their respective roles. Organs are no better than the saxophone, the singer is not more important than the flute. The presence of the violin is not to overcome the guitar, and harp not be beat lute. No one controls and no more prominent than others. All must be integrated and aligned to produce the tones of harmony. What do you think?
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• Indonesia
20 Jan 11
Error of the man chose the way of life and the examples are wrong. NORMAL HUMAN FEEL TO SEE MEET always guided by its object, is TRUST, FAITH. If you do I only know the Lord from the book and the story certainly wrong and TOO LOW, invented so that people who always have trouble because they do not know the right way. TRUTH always SINGLE., easy way kok if true, would know all up to the universe gradually. If you wants to know the highest figure just a normal human being without the basic course is FRAUD, the devil work, so that people fall into this group. So when the true figure is the highest LORD GOD Almighty, of a normal human being can certainly FEEL TO SEE MEET, THIS TRUE, if none could it FRAUD, and ascertained the source WRONG.
• Indonesia
20 Jan 11
Because the patterns of human behavior which is very unique and can not guess, also everyone has the will and desires of its own, especially with the differences in religious background, descent, and race that causes the difficulty to establish harmony with one another, everyone has ideas and different and interpretation and different as well, then there was division and conflict, which contradicts the alignment itself.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 11
Everyone has their own way to strengthen his belief questioning the truth of other religions for the sake of winning the justification of their own religion legitimate, part of the learning process But I agree with you that abusive and insulting could have been avoided
17 Jan 11
one thing for sure that we live in this world also need a guidance from our creator. creating harmony in life is necessary not only to become better but as a lesson that whatever we doin this world everything can be concistent as long as we want to try sync them.