Has swagbucks changed its prices in the swagstore?

@fpsninja (874)
January 16, 2011 1:41pm CST
Hey all I just went on swagbucks to have a look in the swagstore, and a paypal $5 is now 700, with the amazon vouchers as 849. It is just me, or did these used to be 600 and 749 respectively? I really hope that swagbucks isnt doing this annoying thing where they change things meaning you essentially earn less. I remember when swagbucks wasn't in the 10's as you get know, but you would earn like 1 sb per search. Everything was cheaper, and you could earn between 1-5 regularaly. Now, i only even earn 10 or less, which is the equivlent of earning 1 or less! This is terrible! Yes, ok they have added surverys, daily poll, and NOSO, but taht only gets you 3 sb, meaning that to get the equivelent of 1 old sb, you need to do more! Still, its a good site to earn on, i just wish they would stop messing around like this, they dont do it for ppl in the states as much, but uk people, it is difficult to try and find a prize they even ship here, and i always seem to win less than ppl in the states...
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