Actually, for whom is a HEART?

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January 17, 2011 5:24am CST
A little boy asked his father, "Daddy do you love me?" Without hesitation the father replied "Sure son, I love you so much." Then after a pause the boy asked, "Daddy, do you love me? " Without hesitation the father replied, "Dad really loved your mother's son." The boy was silent again, the father noticed his son, then asked, "What is my son, why are you nervous?" The Children with innocence replied, "I'm confused Well, was not only one liver Daddy why can love me and my mother?" The father was silent, she was only realized his mistake. 1) Actually, what a mistake made by my father in the story? 2) Do we have one heart that may only be filled by God? 3) We do not deserve to assess right and wrong, or sinful or not, but, What is reasonable if we fill our hearts .... than love to God?
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19 Jan 11
Very interesting story and the question is, if you find many answers, finally doubt deserved. My answer was simple. Do you have items that are very dear, when goods were actually ordinary wrote, when asked, it was special because it is the stuff memories of someone special as well. One day, while walking in the mall, not him when it happened to be Yudhoyono is visiting the mall. basic fortune, coincidence eh even met and could shake, because I'm so, because tau is still a student, Mr. Yudhoyono presented his pen. I asked how we feel towards the pen? as the road to the bookstore, we happened to see the pen marks and the same type, whether our feelings similar to both the pen? I do not conclude the two stories above, think about yourself, okay. 1) the father is not one of the answers, only less creative, because the questions his son had never thought about it. 2) yes, one heart filled with one love, in love with Him 3) correct, we do not deserve rate, is also inappropriate to love, even love him. for those who know him, enough already. because for him to actually do not exist apart from Him. where his face is facing, there he saw his god. whether I love my son? Yes. I love my wife? My parents? Yes. My in-laws? Yes. my brother? my best friend? yes, all. how come? my son, know why I love thee? It is because of Him. Why I decided to marry your mother? It is because of Him. all I do is because of Him. brought me love you all, then I love you all. Suppose it were not for him, did not want me to linger on this earth.