Larcee, My Shih Tzu Dog

January 17, 2011 7:24am CST
I miss my dog, Larcee. His breed is Shih Tzu. There's no more comforting than what he gives to me. Everytime I am sad, he jumps and rolls into my bed or at the sofa and licks my face. His soft long, double coat warms not only my body but also my heart. My longing of care and love is being given by him unconditionally. His little voice is so fascinating and enchanting everytime he barks. He never bite but he barks at the top of his lung and so disturbing if he know some danger is coming on the way. Talking to him, patting his head, looking at my eyes attentively, licking my face and hands, wagging his tail at my feet, throwing toy bones for him to catch are the only few things we are doing as signs of comfort and friendship. He is far from me now because my brother let my father bring it to our hometown. I know he is safe because everyone in the family loves him. I am so excited to see and hug him again. We'll going to play in our backyard and we'll going to climb trees. I know he can do it.
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• Paraguay
18 Jan 11
I love princess shih tzu, they are a little smaller than a regular shih tzu
• United States
18 Jan 11
I hate when i leave my dog when i go on vacation. I can not leave him with the vet as they keep him in a crate and all he does in bark and cry so i leave him with a groomer that he loves and he gets to go in her bed and lay with them and lick them just like he is at home. I love my little pookie so much. He is a cockapoo and he loves me and my boyfriend. He thinks my boyfriend is like his best friend and them too get along great. They talk to each other and just love each other so much. He has a toy that he carries around with him and crys when he has t in his moiuth like he just wants someone to pay attention and play with him. He gets a lot of attention and is very spoiled and litterally is a loveable and gret family dog in general. He just loves to cuddle with anyone and play and lick anyone. He loves anyone that walks in the door and so many people just hate that he licks everyone. Well at least he has the love from me and i love him as he sleeps with me at night and cuddles with me. Have a great day and love your doggie.
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
17 Jan 11
Hello Meiliyeppuda, I know how you feel now, being away of your beloved Larcee. I had to leave my country only for a month, and I had missed my dog starting from my first day abroad. Oud dogs have this gift of making us happy and we miss them as soon as we walk out the door. I envy people who can take their dogs at work with them. It is a reliefe that you know he's well taken care of at your parents. But maybe you can find a way to keep him with you, to see him every day. How often do you go to your hometown to see him?