Kitty leaving without Evan?? Hmmm.....

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January 17, 2011 9:33am CST
So, who else is thinking that the writers have decided to bring back Kitty's cancer? I can't think of any other reason that she would leave her son with Robert's ex-wife and go off on her own without a word to her family. And to end things so abruptly in her new relationship when it just seemed to be getting started. I was thinking that maybe she is getting some radical experimental treatment and knew that there would be objections from her family. Really, this is the only reasoning I can come up with as to why she left her son with Robert's ex instead of with her family! Any thoughts??
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@pastigger (618)
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18 Jan 11
I thought cancer also although I couldn't figure out who she was leaving Evan with. Thanks for clearing that up. I don't know why she would hide it. The only other thing might be running for some sort of political seat but I really think it is some sort of cancer treatment. I am not sure how many more spins that they can put on this show I guess we will see.
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24 May 11
got it,huh??? lol