India is good for outsiders....?

@siliguri (4225)
January 18, 2011 2:09am CST
INDIA IS GOOD FOR OUTSIDERS WHO SEEKING THE JOB NOT FOR REAL INDIANS.. THE REASON IS THAT THE SUCK RESERVATION SYSTEM: I'm from india(West Bengal) and where i resides almost 80% are outsiders(Nepal & Bangladesh)they get priority in every field as they make the SC ST CERTIFICATE if any one get this means you have an very good opportunity to get the good job. As it is very easy for outsiders to make this certificates not for the citizen of the Country. Really i don't like my country where the priority given to the outsiders am saying this because two months ago i had gave the written examination of SI i have qualified but when i saw the cut off marks differences for the written examination between sc,st and unreserved candidates i really shocked what the hell it is..This is the reason that our country is not developing where the candidates are judge on basis of certificate not on qualification.. I want to give you the proof of it. How the government do discriminating..please go with this following links.. I want to say all the outsiders please come if you are not getting the job in your country what you have to do please make the SC,ST Certificate then see how quick you will get the job..? One more thing i will be happy if some one Blast the atomic bomb in my country...
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