sacrifice in love

@advokatku (4037)
January 18, 2011 2:43am CST
Maybe not too late for anyone, beginning to do things for someone which our loved with sincere and joyful without hope she can reply as we want. This for the sake of your mental health and for the wonderful memories that will be embedded on your loved ones. If you can do it all, whatever you did was a sacrifice. hmmmh .... what this thing seems very difficult to do?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
28 Feb 11
What it means to make sacrifices? I heard it many times, but do not know what it means to sacrifice. And I took some drastic decisions in critical moments, but I consider the sacrifice, and I think that these moments have reinforced my relationship because I was convinced that I have someone to count me in case of need. Eventually, I think, so enjoy the world of movies, the protagonists have made "sacrifices" for their love, for that it means that their love put to the test, and if they manage to pass the test, could be happiness far, and have a solid base from which to begin to "build" a family together.Those who have made sacrifices, later to find that nothing was simply not passed the test. I think so.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
18 Jan 11
Love is a sacrifice in any state or standing we had in life. As long as we feel the love inside our heart there is always a sacrificing event. And love is always make us happy and and lonely. There are times that because of too much love they forget themselves even thought they are at the public places. They dont mind those people around them. Well back to the sacrifices of love i have one story about the man that really love his woman. The man is thoughtful and he love his woman too much. Why? Because even though the girl has done wrong like she was caught by his man having an affair to another guy he still love by his bf. The thing is the man saw all the proof inside the computer that the woman has another man because all the letters and email was in her id and discovered read by the man itself. The feeling was too tough for him but because he really love this woman all the pain he feels was kept inside him and he prayed a lot to accept all the pain. Until one day he talked to her and forgive all the was done. He forgive and forget. Because he really inlove with her.