Potty Train

January 18, 2011 2:59am CST
Shine, my 2mos old spitz. I was worried that she won't be able to learn how to pee or poop properly in the right place. A friend teach me to use cat litter for the dog, and he said I should wait patiently. I read and research online on how to do it then I bought a cheap cat litter and started setting the litter box after arriving home. First day, she's playing on it. Like rolling, and using her nose to I don't know seems like she's fixing the litter. Second day, nothing much. Third day, same as yesterday. So on and so forth... I lose hope, honestly but still didn't removed the litter box. When I was cleaning all her mess on the floor I suddenly saw her playing or like digging on the litter box and she pee! I was so happy and tap her head gently. I saw her using it for more than once now, but she still likes to mess on the floor sometimes and she fails to do it when she poops. My friend said, I should just do it patiently it takes time and my dog will eventually learn how to use it. Any potty training experience?
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• Calgary, Alberta
19 Jan 11
I thinks when dogs where walking in places with no cement like soil or sand, they feel comfortable enough and they will do their business much faster. I dont know but yeah sandy places really makes do to their business much faster.Also in petshop there is this chemical that you can use to make dogs tot he business faster. You will just few of this chemical in the place where you want the dog to do business and the moment they smell it they will feel like doing business on that place were you drop that chemical. That chemical is safe, I think after few weeks, your dog will always comeback to that place. I also found an article that could be helpful: http://tinyurl.com/5wmjvpq (not a refferal link)
• Philippines
20 Jan 11
Oh thanks a lot! That is so helpful. I know what you're talking about the chemical. I saw some in a petshop. It's a bit expensive and still not sure if it will work. Somehow my litter box is working with my pup but sometimes she does it on the floor. I'm not sure how it will work with the pooping thingy.
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• Calgary, Alberta
21 Jan 11
I think litter box works better for cats, I tried doing that to a dog and I fail. Dogs usually prefer to be walked.