wat is the meaning of flirting ??

January 18, 2011 6:32am CST
complimenting women, dressing to impress, and spouting of cheesy pick-up lines to attract a mate ? but how much do we really know abt art of flirting ?? watzz ur opinion abt fliritng frndzz ???
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@kkavya36 (35)
18 Jan 11
hello mylotuser!!!!! i really don't know why people start flirting when they saw some beautiful guy or a girl... why they start impressing him r her, what they gain in that??? instead of flirting each and every girl, they can start loving one girl truly... they start speaking that they can give up every thing for them...it will be soo irritative to listen them... i have experienced such type of a guy in the national market... he was a sales man.. i cant able to buy there any thing by listening to his words and he won't allow us to go for the next shop... i felt so irritative and decided not to visit that place again....
• India
1 Mar 11
that reallie horrible !! anyway thanxx fr d repliee ?
• Portugal
18 Jan 11
flirting is when you say sweet words for someone you feel attracted to or when you just dress in a sexy way and look much to the person. i guess that some people know a lot about the art of flirting but that isnt for everyone. some people dont know how to say sweet words and end up being pervert and for sure dont get the heart of no one ahah with those cheesy and nonsense lines ahah^^ anyway i guess that we all need to flirt sometimes^^
• India
18 Jan 11
yea i agree with u !!! well thnxx fr repliee :D happy mylotting !!!
@peg212 (2)
• United States
8 Feb 11
I think there is definitely an art to flirting. The first thing I found that works for me is to have chemistry with someone you meet. I generally know when I see someone I want to flirt with. It's not just a physical attraction but an inner knowing as well right off the bat. That doesn't mean it will be a marriage made in heaven by any means or that we will work out to be perfect for each other. If someone flirts with me and there is no connection I can politely excuse myself. I am picky about the flirting I do; one has to be. I am no expert by any means, this is just what works for me. Cheesy pick up lines don't usually make for good dates.. lol...