OS on USB?

January 18, 2011 6:55am CST
Hi, can you help me out guys? I am having a problem in reformatting my PC. It does not have a DVD-ROM therefore i am relying on the USB OS installation. However, i tried to reformat it for a number of times but i was unsuccessful. Im having driver issues. I tried to follow all of the guides online and I think I am following it correctly. I am getting "______.sys not found" errors. It finds a driver that (i think) is not really needed by my laptop because I use a different brand of hardware. Do you have any tips or suggestions to solve my problem? I really have to fix my computer as soon as possible. I have been encountering problems for so many weeks. I really have to clean this up. Or perhaps do you have any suggestions that would solve my problem? Any programs or pc tools that would help me address the missing files. I think I am doing the right thing, its just that I do not know where to get those drivers or why on earth do I need those?
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18 Jan 11
Are you sure its saying _____.sys? If its saying a proper filename for example, file1.sys that would help answer the question better. Generally the .sys files yes you do need. Have you checked the (and ill guess this part) usb stick to make sure it contains that file? If not then that is why it will refuse to format. If it doesnt have the files to do it then its impossible for it to work. What is wrong with your computer and what drivers is it you need? If its a laptop just go to the laptop brands site for example, dell.com and select your make and model and it should give you all the drivers for your machine.
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20 Jan 11
it is requesting for numerous .sys files... i put ________ just to point out that it is requesting for numerous sys files mate. I have the drivers mate but the problem is It does not locate the drivers for my laptop. It searches for other drivers which i do not really know.