NTC Bandwidth Cap issue

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January 18, 2011 11:26am CST
NTC Bandwidth Cap issue. Many of us here in our country have different ISP's (Internet Service Providers) that provides DSL (Digital Subscriber Line ) of a unpredictable bandwidth speed for surfing, chatting, uploading and downloading files from the internet. The National Telecommunications Commission is planning to change the bandwidth speed provided by their service in connecting with the internet. But up to now they are still studying the effect of making this issue to be talked about by the consumers. National Telecommunications Commission says, that this bandwidth change will protect the consumers security in accessing the internet. What in the world is that for?! They could not explain further the issue. Some internet users says. It might affect the downloading and uploading of files that we want to get from websites or they are making us a fool and not technical knowledgeable about it.
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