What is it about America?

January 18, 2011 6:17pm CST
I grew up meeting people who like to go and live in the US. Some do different stuffs to be able to stay in the US. What is it about America? Why most people wanted to stay their? I've talked to other people who already lived in the US and they've mentioned that it is not easy living there. Well I bet, if you're not in your own country it will always going to be hard. I admit that I also wanted to go to US but just a visit or maybe a business trip. I still believe nothing beats home.
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• United States
19 Jan 11
America has a lot to offer. Sometimes people blow what we stand for out of proportion. It is easy to to get excited hearing the land opportunity. I love the USA!
• Philippines
19 Jan 11
It makes sense that some people wanted to go there. Great opportunity as well as they we're able to provide the needs of their families at home. :)
• Calgary, Alberta
19 Jan 11
ITS TEH FREEDOM BAYBEE, yeah America is country were you can wear the clothes you wanted and no one will give a damn, Its a place were there is a freedom of speech. There is also a lot of opportunities. Its a very diverse country and despite of its liberated portrayals in movies, There are places in America that conservative people can enjoy living. Basically America is country were there is a place for everyone.