Whats the cutest thing your cat has done?

United States
January 18, 2011 8:37pm CST
I have the most adorable kiten/cat shes small and playful. man she goes crazy for the laze pointer lights! what about you. also you should pm me on ways to save on cat products
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• United States
21 Jan 11
My kitten has a thing for toilet paper too. She will unroll it and chew it up lol. She will drag anything she can find around the house. She loves to get herself into the smallest box she can find! If you leave a drawer open she will take a cat nap in it. She is obsessed withe the printer. She will lay by it all day hoping someone will print something or even just turn it on. She stands up on her back legs and just dances around! I am never alone during a bath either... She lays on the bathtub ledge and is mystified by the water. Every now and then she will go over to me in my bath and sniff my face (its really cute) Water doesn't not scare her at all, even if I splash her she just stays still and shakes it off. Every day is a new adventure.
@sharj123 (17)
• Canada
19 Jan 11
Don't all of you so-called pet lovers realize that you can blind your cat( or any other pet or person) with a laser pointer?
• Philippines
19 Jan 11
my kitten is playful too. actually, he'd play all the things he sees. he even plays with his own tail and sometimes hurt himself. he likes to play with everyone's feet, and loves to lick those too. he's such a lovable kitten.
• United States
19 Jan 11
It's hard to pick one "cutest" thing a pet has done. After all, they seem to do cute things every day! The most recent cuteness that sticks out in my mind, however, is the outdoor kitties doing some ice-skating. First, a little background on my cats. I live on a farm and most of the cats are ferals, who just choose to live in our outbuildings and make themselves at home around the house. About five of the fifteen (or more) cats are tame. I've named most of them. We recently got a fair bit of snow (at least, it's a fair amount for the southern climate I live in!) I'd expected the cats to hate it and stay under shelter, but they surprised me. The minute it stopped snowing, they were out in it. Hopping around, pouncing on each other, inspecting everything. The first day was cute enough, but after the surface hardened and iced over, it got even more adorable. I soon observed cats ice-skating and playing "ice hockey." First, they'd find the slickest portion and go sliding around it (and it really seemed that they were looking for those areas to do this in, too). Next, they'd find some loose chunk of ice or a leaf, and bat it all around on the ice. Several cats would get involved, each trying to steal it from the others. They seemed disappointed when the snow finally melted.