Scam Ads In Facebook

@jamed28 (1909)
January 18, 2011 11:48pm CST
We used to see ads in Facebook placed on the right side of the page. And since I am interested in working abroad, when I saw an ad in there about Works in Australia I clicked it. So I went to a site that contains only a text box where you can enter what your job is looking in Australia. (the site looks like Google with a textbox in the middle), when I type in my preferred job ans searched, I got a list of jobs with lots of Google Ads, but when I click them they are give me a black page with a word job on the upper left side of the page. So I guess this site is a scam. I am into online earning also and I know this kind of site is earning through Adsense ads, and Google Search tools. It doesn't only happened to me once. I was a similar ads before and it they all works the same. They never give any credible job openings/work abroad. They are pretending to help you find a job, but the truth is they earn from your visits. Most of the jobs they give are from Adsense, well I know Adsense is a legitimate site, but this kind of sites are scam since they don't give their OWN legitimate job openings. Facebook should not allow this and so as Adsense/Google.
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19 Jan 11
I think that it is terrible facebook allows this to happen.I have also seen scam sites like the one you are talking about, ones to help lose weight or work from home sites that are all done by dishonest people. I think facebook gets most or all of their money from adverts though so they probably don't care as long as they get paid but they should care, it can't be that hard to find some legitimate adverts to place on the site instead.