What are your top 5 Essay Topics?

January 19, 2011 1:16am CST
I have been thinking of writing essays this week but I can't think of good topics. I think I am not just inspired to write now. I don't know but back in high school, I have been very good with writing essays. Since elementary, I have been one of the best essay writers in our school until college but now, i don't know. I cannot even make a paragraph. Maybe I feel so lazy now or maybe because I am not motivated to do so. So please help me to get an idea for my writings. I need to make atleast 2 essays at the end of this week. Thank you so much :)
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• Philippines
19 Jan 11
Hi, i would recommend topic that you can write about without much references. These are topic that are familiar with and/or have significant knowledge about. Topics on family require nothing more than your own experiences with your own family. Another viable topic is movies and television shows in general. Or you could single out a particular movie or series. An good topic is also the role and importance of the youth. This would merely explore the young generation's likes, dislikes, shared ideas, etc. Lastly a topic on technology and computers would be timely. This is due to the overwhelming emergence of computers and technology in our lives.
@shalter (101)
• Canada
19 Jan 11
hm it would be 1-world economy now a days 2-science and technology 3-the perfect gentle men. 4-the life and the realistics of life 5-homeless kids and their hopes. or 6-responsibilities as a citizen 7-health is wealth 8-my aim in life 9-the possitive thinking 10-kind words 11-my life and some unfogatible peoples. hope you find something possitive, thanks
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
19 Jan 11
They say that you should write about what you or what you like. I think any topic would be a good topic as long as you know some thing about it. So look to your skills, hobbies, talents and interests. I'm sure some thing will ring a bell with you.