The Radio Must Be On

January 19, 2011 6:12pm CST
Have you notice many people wants the radio on when they are working. No, the volume is not too loud and this background music actually helps the person to do the task at hand in a more lighter mood. What I find distasteful are those people who wants the radio on loud selfishly for their own private reasons which disturbs others who want some quiet to do their work or to find restive sleep. Young people these day actually plug up and listen to MP3 players that do not disturb others but on the long run may be injurious to their hearing. What about yourself? Do you have the radio on while you work or are you more considerate of others?
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• United States
20 Jan 11
Well since i work with one other person i do not have music on and i dont even have speakers on my computer and if i did i would probably more then likely having music on because for me it actually helps me and keeps me going all day. Even when in school i studied with music on it helps me think alot better. I dont turn up music loud when i want it on and im around people but i do put it on from time to time when i can. There is a stereo right arond from my desk and when the owner leaves i do put it on when i can so i can get energized and get more things done. When my boss returns i do turn off the music so we can talk and i can let her know what messages she has and what maybe happened while she was gone and what not.
21 Jan 11
Yes, I believe music really help....However, I have a slight distaste for those who has the radio on all day. You get all those inane commentaries which are just silly to listen as they are just not up to most people's intellect. Thank God, offices do not allow radios to be on all day!