Carnapping is rampant in the Philippines

January 20, 2011 3:42am CST
I don't know if it's bad governance, poor economy, just the rampancy of different carnapping syndicates in the country, or a cry for help... But the incidence of carnapping cases in the country, particularly in Quezon City (QC) is steadily increasing. What is up with the universe? Seriously... In a span of 1 week, people have died because of this crime. Everyday the news would report new cases of cars getting stolen, not just from car dealers, but from regular citizens as well. This is crazy. It's so scary to go out nowadays. Can someone BIG be behind this just to anger the government leaders? Especially the president? Speculations have been circling that ALL of these crimes are a modus operandi to oust the present leader. To make him feel helpless and weak so he would just quit... I dont know what to believe anymore. I just want to chain our cars to our house so that no one will be able to steal them. It's bad publicity but I think everyone in the Philippines should be aware of what's happening to the country and be more careful.