What does Islam means to you?

January 20, 2011 6:32am CST
What does Islam means to you? what is your perception about Islam and Muslims?
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20 Jan 11
Dear Bhai, Its not that easy question as it is asked here. The greatness of Islam can only be known through Quran Majid. If we explore in a broader perspective, it is a fact described in Quran itself that this is the refined version of various holy books and the evidence of this is given in those books itself. Islam is not only a religion but it is a way of living - which the Almighty have itself explained to his people. Generally we relate Islam with our acts & routines. But the preaching of Holy Quran says it is the thing which we bear in our hearts & minds and so the people who kept 'Iman' intact in their hearts are called "Mussalam Iman" i.e. Muslaman i.e. Muslim. In Holy Quran, Allah Tabarak wa Taala addressed these people as 'Khaira Umma'. That means best in the human race.
• Pakistan
20 Jan 11
Thank you brother for your response... But what if a Non Muslim asks you, what Islam is, what would be your shortest an easiest answer? What ever you just said, is easier for me to understand, but for the person of different faith will not understand it.... I hope you understand what i am trying to say :)