My Sister-in-Law as my Bestfriend

Goodbye - This photo reminds me of my sister-in-law who just died last month. I know she is up there looking at me and smiling and happy for all the success I have in my life.
January 20, 2011 10:30am CST
Everybody has his own best friend, it may be a person or an animal like dog, cat or a bird. It's never hard to find a best friend. They are everywhere. It's up to you if you open your heart and accept someone whom you can share your dreams and aspirations, your problems and burdens. My best friend is not my elementary schoolmate or a highschool buddy but my oldest sister-in-law. Her name is Dess. She helped me a lot when I was still studying on college. That time, my parents cannot provide me all the expenses I needed for my thesis because it was too expensive. so everyday, I was so depressed. I cannot blame my parents because they were doing their best to sustain all our needs. It was an angel sent that my sister-in-law let me bring her jewelry at the pawnshop for me to have money. Without her, I could never finished my thesis. She is also a good listener and an observer. She knows when I carry burdens and she knows when to talk to me and listen to all my sad stories. She had been a good example of a daughter to my parents, sister to us, wife to my brother and a mother of their 2 children. But God has taken her life too soon. She died because of Nasopharyngeal Cancer just last Dec. 14, 2010. Her death left us a deep grief and the pain is still in my heart. Every night, I still think of her and still wanted to see her. But maybe it's the best for her to stop her suffering. It's too sad but life must go on.
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